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Marketing's Next Big

LLMs Will Be the Next Big Influencers of Our Time

Marketing conversations on Generative AI have mainly focused on productivity, content generation, and personalization to date.  At Generative AI Solutions, we have a very different take on the most important impact of Generative AI on Marketing.  LLMs are poised to become the next big influencers our time.  


Generative AI and specifically LLMs will influence more than 3 billion people over the next 2-3 years  LLMs will drive content and recommendations across a broad range of mediums including:

  • Generative AI based search (Google SGE, Bing/GPT4),

  • Personal and professional co-pilots (e.g. ChatGPT, BARD, Claude, Pi,,

  • Enterprise generative AI offerings (Microsoft Co-Pilot, Google Duet) and bespoke co-pilots

  • Mobile applications (Expedia)

Through these channels LLMs will influence brand and product opinions, purchase decisions and company reputation on a daily basis. 

Marketing organizations need to begin to address this industry disruption now by understanding how LLMs are reflecting their products and brands and optimizing their content and marketing strategies for LLMs. At Generative AI Solutions, we have that the tools, technologies and services to assist.

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